Giggleswick: Your Next Station Stop

A Novel About Home

Author's Notes


Giggleswick is dedicated to Patrick.


The geographical locations in Giggleswick are real. Radford is a quaint small city in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia. The beautiful capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. Lancaster is a lovely small city in the northwest of England. Located in the Yorkshire Dales is the idyllic village of Giggleswick. Some of the particular places are real and a few are fictional. For example Harris Teeter is a fabulous grocery store in the American south. However, at the time of writing Giggleswick at least, there is not a Harris Teeter in Radford.


All the people in Giggleswick are fictional. Any resemblance to any real persons now living or otherwise is completely coincidental and unintended.

Words Translated

Giggleswick offers a translation of some of the words and phrases across American and British usage. There are quite a few words that are different between the two cultures that are not offered in the Words Translated sections because this would disrupt the flow and tone of the narrative. Although I have made reasonable effort to be accurate with the terms and their usage, this is not intended as a dictionary. It is a literary device to illuminate the strangeness of living in another culture, even when the language is ostensibly the same. This is written from a narrator’s voice and hopes to offer a bit of humor and occasional acidity towards both American and British cultures. The humor and critique are intended to be in about equal balance between the two places. I am discerningly fond of both America and Britain and find both cultures full of great richness and the occasional frustration. The intention is to offer a healthy dose of self-depreciation that does not take either culture too seriously. I intend no offense to either great nation or its beautiful and generous people. As humans, we are all mostly lovely and occasionally a little bit grumpy.


I would like to thank Patrick for his unfailing encouragement and untiring devotion to reading multiple revisions.

I am very grateful if you have read Giggleswick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely.