Giggleswick: Your Next Station Stop

A Novel About Home


Just before she turns 50, Molly marries Daniel and moves from sunny Radford Virginia in the pristine Appalachian Mountains of Virginia on the Mid-Atlantic eastern seaboard of America to gray Lancaster in the northwest of England and finds herself in a very different culture.

As Molly travels for work across England, she often takes a train through the idyllic village of Giggleswick in the beautiful and mournful Yorkshire Dales. It is during these train trips that the Big Idea of Home comes knocking at Molly’s door and demands her attention. Giggleswick is a novel about home. Giggleswick considers what home means to us when the ground under us trembles and fault lines are hurled through what we once thought was our safe harbor.

During the time Molly muses about home, she also faces several challenges. Giggleswick is a portrayal of fortitude and a reminder that we are all dealing with more than we share. Giggleswick weaves a tapestry of past and present; adversity with the ordinary and humorous.

Giggleswick is a celebration of the richness of the inner world of an ordinary character. Giggleswick is an anthem to the examined life of a fifty year old working class woman who is more often invisible in literature and life.